Powai Lake Mumbai Timing, Distance, How to Go, Ticket Price

Mumbai is a concrete city with high rise buildings, bridges, constructions and what not. And at present it is really a task to find a natural retreat in the city itself. But still there are some locations in the city which are ideal as a natural escapade. One such location is the Powai Lake MumbaiThe Powai Lake is a popular tourist spot in the city and the locals as well as the tourists love visiting here. So if you are in Mumbai make sure you are visiting here and you would love the ambiance here. Keep on reading this article if you are planning a visit to Powai Lake in Mumbai.

Powai Lake Mumbai

Location: Powai, Maharashtra

Timings: Open all day throughout the year

Entry fee: There is no entry fee

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air, then the nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. From most of the major cities and towns in India you would find flights to reach Mumbai. Also from other countries there are regular flights to reach here as well. From the airport however, Powai Lake Mumbai is located at a distance of 7.4 km. You can easily reach the lake in about 24 minutes from the airport. There are various options of travelling to the lake from the airport. However, the most convenient option would be to travel by car or hire a cab to reach there.

By train

The major railway stations that are connected to the majority of states and towns are the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station and the Mumbai Central Railway Station in Mumbai. From the Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway station the Powai Lake is located at a distance of 30.6 km. And you can reach the lake in around 48 minutes from the station. And from the Mumbai Central railway station the Powai Lake is 30.9 km away and you can reach there in about 55 minutes from the station.

However, other than these two major railway stations there are the local stations in Mumbai as well. If you are travelling within the city or nearby then the Kanjurmarg Station is the nearest railway station to reach Powai Lake Mumbai. From the station the lake is 3.5 km away and you can reach there in about 15 minutes.

By road

The area of Powai Lake is well connected to different parts of the city. Also you will find various buses both public and private to reach Mumbai from major cities and towns. If you are travelling from locations like Nashik or Pune you can travel by a bus. Most of the long distance buses stop at the Mumbai Central Bus Depot. From the Mumbai Central Bus Depot the Powai Lake is 31 km away. It would take around an hour to reach the lake from the bus stop. However there are other local bus stops located in the vicinity of the lake as well. In case you are travelling within the city you can opt for the city buses as well.

And if you wish to travel by your own car then also you can travel to this location. The area is well connected by roadways so reaching here would not be a hassle at all. And if you wish you can also travel by a hire car or you can take a cab as well to reach the Powai Lake

By metro

If you are travelling by metro then the nearest metro station to reach Powai Lake is the Sakinaka Metro Station. From the metro station the Powai Lake is located at a distance of 5.8 km and you can reach there in about 15 minutes.

Powai Lake view
Image Source : Flickr

Best time to visit Powai Lake

The best time to visit a location like Powai Lake is the winter season. During cooler times it would be ideal to visit here to explore the area well. However, try to avoid visiting here during the monsoon season as heavy rains sometimes lead to the flooding of the Powai Lake. So it would be best to avoid visiting here during that time. And in case of the best time of the day you can visit here during the evening. Watching the sunset here can be extremely interesting with the city skyline as the backdrop. Also at night the location looks beautiful with the reflective twinkling lights coming from the big buildings nearby. So you can plan a visit at that time as well.

Overview of Powai Lake

Powai Lake Mumbai is basically a beautiful location in Mumbai centering the lake. It is also one of the tranquil locations in Mumbai for the visitors to visit as well. With the Hiranandani Township and luxury Renaissance Hotel on either side of it and also with the IIT Mumbai campus near the shore this is one of the most attractive locations too. Basically Powai Lake is an artificial lake which is beautiful and serene. At present the Powai Lake in Mumbai is also one of the most popular locations in Mumbai as well. Basically this is an upscale neighbourhood in the city and one of the posh areas too. Earlier this area was the Powai Valley with small villages with people residing on the banks of the lake. But at present Powai is one of the most posh areas and people reside or visit here.

The Powai Lake is also a great location that attracts migratory birds like ducks, kingfishers and falcons. If you are visiting here it can be a great spot for birdwatching as well. For bird watchers and photographers this is an ideal location to visit. And very often you would see birdwatchers with their binoculars or the photographers with their cameras here. Another sight here is of the Powai Lake Crocodile but that is truly a luxury. Very recently also a crocodile was spotted here. The people naturally got scared but the authorities handled this well. They said that maybe the crocodile was looking for a space to lay eggs and that’s why it came out near the shore. But crocodiles are not something you can notice regularly here. Also the lake has a lot of colourful fishes which is again a rare sight here.

What’s more?

Basically Powai Lake is a really nice location which is a favourite site for both locals as well as tourists. People love visiting here and the nearby Powai Lake Garden to spend some quiet and tranquil time. So if you are in Mumbai then you can certainly visit here to enjoy the beauty of this location. Along with watching the sunsets or spotting the birds visiting here can truly be an exciting experience.

History of Powai Lake

The construction of the Powai Lake is the result of two dams which were built in 1891 on the Mithi River. However the main aim of creating this reservoir was the supply of water in the city. But soon within a few years the water quality here downgraded to such an extent that the authorities declared the water unfit for drinking. It was then that the Powai Lake came under the control of Western India Fishing Association. The lake was basically a site for activities like developing fish culture and for angling activities. Since 1936 the lake came under the Maharashtra State Angling Association (MSAA) and at present also the association takes care of the lake.

Later in 1980 the then current batch of IIT Mumbai took up the initiative to restore the natural beauty of this lake. Later the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) implemented the plan to revive the lake and also to improve and develop it in 2002.

Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Things to do at Powai Lake

Observing the animals and birds

Powai Lake Mumbai is one such region which is full of greenery and has beautiful flowery bushes as well. This certainly elevates the beauty of the location and along with it also attracts lots of birds and butterflies as well. Overall therefore this is a great location when it comes to observing those tiny little creatures. And for animal lovers this can be even more exciting to visit the Powai Lake Mumbai. From Spot billed ducks to Kingfishers and doves the variety of birds that you can find over here is appreciable. And on some days you can also spot more varieties here that include herons, storks and falcons.

Along with that you can also spot crocodiles here rarely. And the lake also houses a variety of fishes as well. So there are actually a lot of things that you can enjoy here. It can be a good opportunity to enjoy some time amidst nature.

Witnessing Sunset

Now this can be one of the best things that you can enjoy when you are visiting Powai Lake. After all, in front of water bodies the sunsets always look extra pretty and the lake here is no exception either. Moreover, for people who really want to witness a beautiful sunset in Mumbai, now they don’t have to visit the sea beaches only. Instead they can visit Powai Lake and experience the changing hues of colours. You can reach here just a little before sunset. And trust me you can enjoy witnessing so many shades of yellow and orange here. There are vendors here selling snacks and munchies like bhelpuri or peanuts. So buy some and munch on while you enjoy the pristine sunset. For the best view do not forget to check out the pavement.

Visit Nirvana Park

Nirvana Park is a beautiful garden located just across Powai Lake. Located amidst the Hiranandani Complex this is a beautiful park with sprawling lush greenery. There are green lawns and ponds here and you can enjoy a great time here. Also the park is further beautified with Wooden Walkways that gives it a sharper look. And you will find Asian style lanterns and beautiful small flowers that will surely catch your attention.

Moreover the location is also a great location for children as well. There are some slides here that your little ones are definitely going to love a lot. Alongside the tall residential buildings this park is like a breath of fresh air. Make sure to visit the Nirvana Park if you are visiting Powai Lake. And if you are looking for a space to stay nearby then try checking out the The Westin Mumbai Powai Lake. The Westin Powai Lake offers beautiful views that would be enjoyable to experience.

Wrapping Up!

So that is all about the Powai Lake and now you just need to plan a visit to this location. This is a beautiful spot in the city where you can visit with your friends and family. Let me know if this article on Powai Lake is helpful for you in planning a trip there. 

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