Nehru Science Centre Mumbai Tickets, Timings, 3D Show

Mumbai has every kind of location for every kind of visitor. Moreover, no matter if you are a nature lover, history buff, adventure enthusiast or a science geek you will get something for your liking in the city. Also for people who love reading and knowing about various scientific phenomena and discoveries there is one really good location in Mumbai that you need to visit for sure. I am however talking about the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai which is the one stop location for everything related to science. So in case you wish to explore science and science related shows, exhibits, 3D shows then you need to visit this location for sure. Keep on reading this article to know everything about the Science Centre in Mumbai.

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai

Location: Dr. E Moses Road, opposite 4 Seasons Hotel, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Timings: The Nehru Science Centre timings are from 9:30 am to 6 pm on all days.

Location on Google Map :

Nehru Science Centre show timings

  • Regular Shows- 11 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm and 4:20 pm (Science Centre Odyssey Show)
  • Shows on Request for minimum 50 people- 10 am, 12 pm, 3:30 pm and 5:15 pm
  • 20 minute Science Show- 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm
  • 3D Show- Played after every half an hour
  • 90 minute Show- 12 pm, 1:30 pm, 3 pm and 4:30 pm

Entry fee: The Nehru Science Centre tickets for general visitors are Rs. 70 per person. And for a group of 25 or more visitors the Nehru Science Centre ticket price is Rs. 50 per person.

  • For General visitors the entry ticket for Science Centre is Rs. 20
  • For students in organized group the entry ticket for Science Centre is Rs. 20
  • For students from Government or Municipal schools the ticket for Science Centre is Rs. 10
  • For BPL card holders the entry ticket to Science Centre is Rs. 5

Nehru Science Centre show ticket price

  • For General Visitors Science Odyssey ticket is Rs. 75
  • For a group of 25 or more visitors Science Odyssey ticket is Rs. 60
  • For Students in Organized group Science Odyssey ticket is Rs. 50
  • For Students of Government or Municipal school Science Odyssey ticket is Rs. 25
Nehru Science Centre Dinosaur ModelsPrd
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Nehru Science Centre 3D Show

  • For General Visitors 3D Science Show or Science on Sphere ticket is Rs. 25
  • For a group of 25 or more visitors 3D Science Show or Science on Sphere ticket is Rs. 20
  • For students in organized group 3D Science Show or Science on Sphere ticket is Rs. 20
  • For students of Government or Municipal Schools 3D Science Show or Science on Sphere ticket is Rs. 10
  • Science Film Show or Science Demonstration Lecture (with prior booking) is Rs. 10
  • Human Anatomy Show ticket is Rs. 5
Combined ticket for Science Odyssey and Science Centre
  • For General visitors ticket price is Rs. 125
  • For a group of 25 or more visitors it is Rs. 100
  • For students in an organized group it is Rs. 60
  • For students from Government or Municipal Schools it is Rs. 25
Package for Schools includes Science Centre, Science Odyssey, 3D Show and Special Shows)
  • For students in organized group it is Rs. 90
  • For students from Government or Municipal schools it is Rs. 40

However, note that for a group of students the authority letter from the school is a must to avail benefits. Also there is a free entry for children up to 102 cm height. Moreover with that paramilitary and defense personnel in uniforms will get a free entry. Physically challenged people and ICOM members also will get a free entry.

How to Reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach there is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. However from the airport the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai is located at a distance of 15. 8 km. And you can reach the Science Centre from the airport in about 45 minutes. You can easily take a cab or a taxi to reach the Science Centre conveniently.

By train

If you are travelling by train then the nearest major railway station to reach the Science Centre is the Mumbai Central Railway Station. From there the Nehru Science Centre is located 3.2 km away. You can easily reach there in about 14 minutes. Also another nearest major railway station is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station. From there the Nehru Science Centre is 6.8 km away. It would take about 20 minutes to reach the Science Centre from the railway station.

However in case of local suburban railway stations the Mahalaxmi railway station is the nearest station located 2 km away from the Science Centre. It would take around 7 minutes to reach there from the station. Also, another nearby railway station is the Byculla Railway Station. However, from there the Science Centre is 2.7 km away and you can reach there in about 10 minutes.

By road

Mumbai is well connected by roadways and you will get buses from locations like Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Panaji etc. Moreover, there are both private and public buses available on this route which you can opt for. The nearest bus stop is the Mumbai Central Bus Depot which is 5 km away from the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai. Also you can opt to travel there by your own car as well to reach the location. Or else you can also take a car or hire a cab to reach there as well.

Image Source : Wikimedia Commons 

Overview of Nehru Science Centre

The Nehru Science Centre Mumbai is a famous educational centre which is also the largest interactive science centre in India. Furthermore there are regular activities here including Special Shows, 3D Shows, films and documentaries. Along with that there are also more than 500 varieties of exhibits in this Science Centre like Giant Heart, Virtual Harp, Nail Sea etc. In 1985 the Science Centre first opened its gate for the visitors and from then it has remained an important spot to visit in the city.

Moreover from the time of its opening this Science Centre has hosted several seminars, workshops, meetings and a lot more. You will also find a museum here that houses artifacts that depict the development of science and technology through years. Also you will find a library here as well which houses more than thousands of books, almost hundreds of movies all related to science and scientific disciplines.

This is ideally one of the best locations to understand and have practical knowledge on science. With laws of physics and information of human anatomy there is a lot to explore here. They also have the Planetarium Nehru Science Centre where you will be able to observe the sky as well. For the people who take keen interest in science and scientific research this place will be the ideal location to visit. It can also be a great location to visit with your children as well for their learning experience. For both tourists as well as locals this is one of the popular places to visit in Mumbai.

History of Nehru Science Centre

At first when the science centre was set up back in 1977 it was a museum for science and technology. Named after the first Prime Minister of independent India Jawaharlal Nehru this soon became a popular location. In the beginning there was a Light and Sight Exhibition here. Later in 1979 the Science Park was built here. In 1985 the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi opened the Nehru Science Centre for the general public to visit.

Architecture of Nehru Science Centre

The Nehru Science Centre Mumbai is a planned unit and the architecture here is unique too. Achyut Purushottam Kanvide planned the architecture of this Science Centre with different units. There is a museum, a scientific park, a reception centre and a lot more. The makers built the Science Centre on a slanting ground. You will find various exhibition halls here at different levels. Each of the levels has passageways which are interconnected. The staircase moreover is attractive with skylight illuminating light. Mostly the colour selection and theme is with bright primary colour making it look very vibrant.

Things to do at Nehru Science Centre

Explore the Science Park

Inside Nehru Science Centre there is a Science Park which houses a range of interactive science exhibits.  Moreover it can be really interesting to know about various scientific principles, theories, perception, mechanics etc. The exhibits in the park also include old Tram cars to old railway engines, old power generators and more. Other than that the park also houses more than 200 species of plants as well.

Visiting Exhibition Galleries

There are multiple exhibition galleries at the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai also for a fun experience. From informative displays to fun elements to optical illusions there is a lot to explore here.

Watch the movies and shows

The auditorium in the Science Centre which is the Science Odyssey is a spherical dome like auditorium. With the spherical shape the projection here also is unique and provides a one of a kind of experience to its visitors. Apart from the Odyssey shows in the auditorium there are also many other science shows here which are also related to various demonstrations of Physics and Chemistry principles.

Spend some time at the library

The library in the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai is yet another attraction for the book nerds. Furthermore this library also houses a huge collection of 10000 books, a great collection of magazines, periodicals, journals and a lot more. Also there is a collection of more than 300 science related films as well.

Learn about Earth and Solar System

At this science centre you can also get some real time data about various aspects of earth. From the climate to atmosphere and also information on currents of ocean to rain forests and continents you will get an insight about our planet. Along with that you can also learn a lot about our Solar System at the Planetarium Nehru Science Centre here. There are multiple shows here which you can however watch to gather knowledge.


However this can be one of the interesting activities here. Within the Planetarium complex there are also sessions of stargazing. Also various arrangements are there so that you can also witness celestial events like Solar and Lunar eclipse also.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai and you definitely need to visit there as soon as you can. After a visit to the Science Centre you will gather a lot of knowledge and also a visit there would be entertaining as well. So when are you planning a visit to the Nehru Science Centre? Also let me know if this article on Nehru Science Centre is helpful for you in planning a trip there.  

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