Ammu Water Park & Resort Mumbai, Entry Fee, Price and all

Water parks can be a true respite when it is hot and sultry. And if you are in a city like Mumbai then the heat is at times too severe to take. In that case you can visit a water park to play with water and have some chill time too. Even otherwise, a visit to a water park is always extremely entertaining. After all, who doesn’t like splashing some water, swimming and enjoying the water rides, what say? So if you are searching for a water park in Mumbai you can surely consider visiting the Ammu Water Park. The Ammu Water Park Mumbai is one of the popular water parks in the city.

It is however one such water park that people from all age groups like visiting. You can surely visit here with your whole family or your group of friends. And I am sure you will have a lot of fun after a visit to the Ammu Water Park and Resort.

Ammu Water Park

With an array of water rides the park offers varied entertainment for its visitors. Also the ticket price of this park is reasonable. So you can surely visit here to spend a day full of fun. The water park in Mumbai is one of the best locations to visit for a day out away from the city life. So next time you get a holiday, definitely consider visiting here with your whole family. Keep on reading this article as I will mention everything that you probably need to know about the Ammu Water Park in Mumbai. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this water park any time soon.

Location: Apti Road, off Kalyan Murbad Road District Thane, Vaholi, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Timings: 9:45 am to 4:45 pm on all days from Sunday to Monday

Ammu Water Park entry fees: The Ammu Water Park price of tickets for adults is Rs. 499 and for children it is Rs. 350

How to Reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach this water park is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. From the airport the water park is located at a distance of 54. 7 km. You can reach the water park from the Mumbai airport in about 2 hours and 12 minutes. You can easily take a cab or take a taxi as well from the airport to reach there conveniently.

By train

The major nearest railway station to reach the water park is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station. From the railway station the water park is located at a distance of 71.7 km. And you can easily reach there in about 2 hours. Another major railway station to reach the Ammu Water Park is the Mumbai Central Railway Station. The Mumbai Central Railway station is located at a distance of 72.6 km from the water park. It would take you around 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach the park from the railway station.

In terms of local railway station the Kalyan Railway Station is the nearest which is about 15 km away from the water park. It would take you around 39 minutes to reach the water park from the railway station. You can easily opt for a taxi or a cab to reach there conveniently. Or else you can take an auto rickshaw to reach there as well.

By road

The Ammu Water Park is located at the outskirts of the city in the Vaholi Village in Thane. You can get multiple buses from nearby cities and towns to reach Mumbai first as Mumbai is well connected through roadways. You will however find buses from cities like Pune, Nashik, Panaji, Ahmedabad, Nagpur etc. The nearest bus stop where the majority of buses stop while reaching Mumbai is the Mumbai Central Bus Depot. From the Mumbai Central Bus Depot the water park is located at a distance of 72 km. And it would take you around 2 hours and 13 minutes to reach there. You can take a cab or a taxi from the bus depot to reach the water park.

Furthermore you can also take your own vehicle to reach the water park as well. And while travelling locally you can either take cabs to travel here. Or else local transports like autos are a convenient way to reach the water park from various locations.

Best time to visit

The water park remains open throughout the year so technically you can visit here any time of the year. But to enjoy the best of the location it would be ideal to visit here during the cooler months from November to February. During this time the weather in Mumbai will remain in check and therefore you will be able to enjoy being outdoors. You will furthermore feel more comfortable if you enjoy the various rides here as well. However if you are tired of the summer months you can try to beat the sun by visiting here. It would be a nice experience to visit here during March and April. However, if the temperatures rise up way too much then avoid visiting here during summer. And specifically avoid the months of May to June as the weather would be way too uncomfortable for a visit here.

In terms of ideal days of the week of course to avoid the crowd you need to visit here during the weekdays. The weekdays are comparatively less crowded at the water park and you will be able to enjoy the whole area better. And if you are visiting here during the weekends then you must be prepared to face the crowd. Try to visit here during early hours of the morning just after the park opens. That way you would get to enjoy the rides and slides here for as long as you can.

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Overview of Ammu Water Park

Located in the outskirts of the city on the banks of the Ulhas River, this is a popular water park in Mumbai. This water park in Mumbai is one of the best locations that you can visit with your whole family. Furthermore this can be a great location to beat the heat and also to stay away from the hustling city life. It is overall a serene location with greenery around, so you will instantly feel rejuvenated after a visit here. You will find a large swimming pool here along with a wave pool as well. Along with that you will find various water slides as well to enjoy all the fun.

You can spend a good time at the Ammu Water Park with your kids as well. There are many water rides which you can also enjoy with your whole family. Amidst lush greenery you can just take a stroll and enjoy a good time. Additionally they also have an outdoor space for outdoor games, a rain dance floor and some dry rides as well. The park also provides accommodation facilities here that you can check out to enjoy a whole day along with overnight stay. So whenever you are in Mumbai make sure you are visiting the Ammu Water Park once.

Things to do at Ammu Water Park

Enjoy the water rides

The water rides at the water park offer multiple water slides which are enjoyable for both adults as well as children. So you must enjoy all those rides here to the fullest.

Pool time

You just need to relax at the pool here and you will instantly feel refreshed. Enjoy a leisurely time while you float in the pool. Or else you can also swim around and enjoy it here. And for the ones who do not wish to get into the pool, they can sit by the pool dipping their feet into the water. The swimming pool at the park is huge. And along with that there is a wave pool as well which is even more enjoyable.

Kids Zone

The little ones are going to enjoy a gala time at the Ammu Water Park as there is a separate kid’s zone here. This is basically a play area which offers some exciting rides for the kids. From merry go round to Jumbo Jet and Mini Shuttle there is a lot to explore. Also there are separate indoor and outdoor games available here that you can enjoy along with your kids.

Rain Dance

Dancing in the rain is supremely fun and the water park here offers that activity. They have a rain dance platform at the Ammu Water Park where you can enjoy dancing along with foot tapping music. It is one of the most exciting and interesting activities here at the park and so make sure you don’t miss out on this.

Mini Train Ride

There is a mini train inside the park and you can enjoy a short ride on it too. As the train takes a tour around the whole park you will get to explore the whole area here well.

Complimentary Buffet

The ticket price to enter the water park also includes complimentary buffet meals as well. Here you can enjoy the buffet breakfast, buffet lunch along with evening tea as well. So in case you are here at the park for the whole day you will not have to think about being hungry. The dishes offered here are delicious and you will find it enjoyable as well.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Ammu Water Park & Resort Mumbai and you need to plan a visit there as soon as you can. Visiting this water park can give you a respite from the summer heat. Or else you can visit here during cooler months as well to enjoy the pleasant weather. Moreover this is one of the popular locations in Mumbai that you can visit with your whole family. Even the kids in your family will have a great time here so do plan a visit here. This can be a great spot for a day out with your group of friends as well.

It can be a great day of fun, rides, thrill, excitement and food as you avail entry in Ammu Water Park. So when are you planning a trip to this water park in Mumbai? Also let me know if this particular article on the water park in Mumbai is helpful for you in planning a trip there. 

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