Nariman Point Mumbai, How to Reach, Things to Do, Distance

Mumbai as a city is as versatile as it can be with various sorts of locations. Especially for an explorer the city has a lot of excitement in store. From historical locations to beaches, from museums to restaurants there are so much that one can explore in Mumbai. One such popular tourist location to visit in the city is the Nariman Point Mumbai. Ideally one of the sophisticated locations in Mumbai, this area houses multiple business headquarters of prestigious offices and companies. From 5 star hotels to various sky high buildings the location in itself looks extremely attractive. And the view of the Marine Drive and the Arabian Sea that you can notice from here makes the location even more dreamy. It is one of the locations in Mumbai that both the city dwellers as well as the tourists love visiting.

The location is a perfect spot for hanging out, enjoying lazy hours or to enjoy the happening nightlife. Because of the varied activities that you can enjoy here, Nariman Point becomes even more popular as a tourist site. So in case you are exploring the city of Mumbai you certainly cannot miss out on visiting this spot. The location is versatile when it comes to activities that you can enjoy here. And if you are not visiting here then you would not know what exactly I am trying to share here. So keep on reading this article to know more about Nariman Point Mumbai. This will be a helpful read for you if you are trying to plan a trip to the Nariman Point anytime soon

Nariman Point Mumbai

Location: Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Timings: Open all day

Entry fee: There is no entry fee

How to Reach

By air

While travelling by air the nearest airport to Nariman Point is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. From the airport Nariman Point Mumbai is located at a distance of 24.3 km. It would take you around 55 minutes to reach there from the airport. It would be convenient to take a cab or else take a taxi to reach Nariman Point from the airport.

By train

If you are travelling by train then the Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus is the nearest railway station to reach Nariman Point. From there the distance of Nariman Point is 2.8 km away and it would take about 11 minutes to reach there. Another major nearest railway station to reach Nariman Point is Mumbai Central Railway Station. From the station Nariman Point is 6.3 km away and you can reach there in about 21 minutes.

In terms of local railway station the nearest railway station is Churchgate. From Churchgate railway station the distance of Nariman Point is about 1.6 km. It would take you around 6 minutes to reach there via Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road and Barrister Rajni Patel Marg. You can even walk for about 18 to 20 minutes as well to reach Nariman Point Mumbai from the railway station.

By road

You can get buses from major cities and towns to reach Nariman Point Mumbai. The nearest major bus stop is the Mumbai Central Bus Depot at a distance of 6.6 km. It would take you about 21 minutes to reach there from the bus depot. You will get buses from all nearby cities and towns to reach Mumbai Central. There are buses available from Panaji, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad etc that you can opt for to reach here. You can moreover opt for the city buses as well if you are travelling within the city.

And you can further opt for a cab or a taxi as well to reach Nariman Point conveniently. You can drive your own vehicle as well to reach the location. However while travelling locally local transports like auto rickshaws are also a convenient mode of transport to reach this location.

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Best time to visit

You can visit the Nariman Point any time of the year as it is open all year round at all times of the day. But to experience the best of Nariman Point it would be ideal to visit here from October to March. These are comparatively the cooler months and therefore it would be more comfortable to visit here during this time. If the weather is comfortable then you will further be able to enjoy exploring the whole location better. And when it comes to the best time of the day the ideal time for a visit to this location would be the evening time. During the evening time with all the lights, it offers a majestic view of Marine Drive. If you are visiting during the evening then you will also get to enjoy the nightlife here as well by visiting the restaurants and pubs located here.

It would take you around an hour or two to explore the whole location. And if you are interested in shopping or eating out then it would take some more time here. Avoid visiting here during the scorching summer months, especially during the afternoons. It would be practically impossible to stay in this open area under the sun during the summer time. So plan your visit to Nariman Point accordingly.

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Overview of Nariman Point

Overview of Nariman Point
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Popular as the Manhattan of Mumbai, Nariman Point is one of the posh areas in the city. It is ideally a business hub as it houses multiple headquarters of some of the largest corporate offices. Other than that the location also has so many 5 star hotels and restaurants and therefore makes it one of the popular locations to visit in the city as well. Located at the end of the Marine Drive it is located in the southern tip of Mumbai peninsula. On one side there is the locality of Churchgate in the north, on the South and West there is the Arabian Sea bordering it. Furthermore on the eastern side there is Colaba. The close proximity with so many popular localities further makes Nariman Point Mumbai as a connecting location.

What attracts a great number of tourists at Nariman Point is the majestic view that it offers. With sky high buildings it gives the area a sophisticated look. You will find Trident hotel, Nariman Point Mumbai, Air India Building here. Also there is Oberoi Nariman Point Mumbai which is another major attraction here. The presence of such buildings, offices and hotels attracts an even greater number of tourists here who bask into the beauty of the location. It further offers a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea and Marine Drive as well. What is most attractive here is the night view of Nariman Point which looks even more spectacular. Because of the majestic view of the Marine Drive from the Nariman Point, the Marine Drive derived its nickname Queen’s Necklace.

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What’s more?

With grand hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, pubs this is a location which is always bustling. The day and the night view of the location are completely different as it offers different things at different times of the day. The nightlife here is however the showstopper. People from all over the city come and visit Nariman Point to enjoy the happening nightlife. Along with that this is a popular location for shopping as well. Overall, this can be the ideal location to shop, visit, eat and repeat. And if you are ever visiting Mumbai then you certainly cannot miss out on visiting this location.

History of Nariman Point

History of Nariman Point
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Until 1940 there was actually no existence of Nariman Point Mumbai. This area was very much a part of the sea itself. Khurseed Nariman who was a part of the Bombay Municipal Corporation at first proposed the idea. He proposed the idea to reclaim some land to create this location. The entire cost to do so was Rs. 300, 000 which is almost equivalent to about Rs. 158 million in 2024. To make it happen, the authorities filled part of this land with debris and garbage. They brought all the garbage from across the city and beyond to dump it here. Later they used steel and concrete cement for the construction. In 1970 the authorities claimed more land as well.

In around 2006 the Nariman Point was the 7th most expensive spot in the world for an office location. However, due to high prices, low quality and the distance from residential locations soon the position of Nariman Point dropped to 15th from 7th. But later it soon regained its lost glory. And currently it is one of the most sophisticated business hubs in Mumbai as well.

Things to do at Nariman Point

Enjoy the views

One of the major attractions of visiting Nariman Point is observing the breathtaking view that it offers. The panoramic view of the Arabian Sea, the view of the beautiful Marine Drive all makes up for a nice ambiance. You can look at the relentless sea for hours and spend some peaceful times here. Moreover you will also get to spot jetties and ferries here as well. And watching them from a distance is truly a mesmerizing feeling.

Driving along the promenade

The seafront here is the ideal spot for a long drive and that can be extremely exciting too. From Marine Drive you can drive through to reach Nariman Point which is located just a few meters away.

Enjoy the nightlife

The Nariman Point in Mumbai is one of the happening locations that you can visit to enjoy the city’s nightlife. The location is dotted with multiple luxury hotels, restaurants and pubs. If you wish to spend some good time here you can book a stay at the Trident Nariman Point Mumbai. Or else you can visit the restaurants and cafes here as well. However, the nightlife can even be relaxing for you if you choose to observe the Queen’s Necklace as you sit at Nariman Point at night.


When it comes to shopping this can be a paradise for shoppers as the location houses outlets of many International as well as Indian brands. So you can visit here to check those showrooms here. Or else for a more fun experience you can visit the Colaba Market nearby which is a street shopper’s dream destination.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Nariman Point Mumbai and if you are in the city make sure you visit here once. This is one of the happening locations in the city of Mumbai and a visit there is an absolute must to understand the true essence of the city. This area offers multiple experiences to its visitors and you certainly need to explore it all. So when are you planning a visit to Nariman Point? And let me know if this article on Nariman Point is helpful for you to plan a visit there. 

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