Water Kingdom Mumbai Maharashtra Ticket Price, Hotels

The summers are approaching and we are already too dreadful of the scorching heat. During summers it becomes a task to look out for locations that can be a respite from the heat, even if it’s for some time. Now every time we can’t opt for indoor activities or opt to stay indoors right? In that scenario we need to have some location in mind which will be fun yet not be too harsh to enjoy during summers. And what can be better than visiting a water park, right? If you are in Mumbai, I have a really good option for you that you need to check out. I am talking about the Water Kingdom Mumbai. The Water Kingdom Mumbai Maharashtra is a fun water park that offers a range of fun water activities.

This can ideally be the best location that you can visit if you are looking for a place to spend time with your whole family. Especially if you have kids in your family they are going to love visiting a location like this. Moreover this can be a great spot to spend a day out enjoying some fun with the waters. What makes this location more attractive is also the location that is much away from the hustling city. In this article I will mention everything that you need to know about the Water Kingdom Mumbai, Maharashtra. It will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this water park in Mumbai. Keep on reading this article so that you can plan a trip to this location as soon as you can.

Water Kingdom Mumbai

Location of Water Kingdom Mumbai: Global Pagoda Road, Essel World Amusement Park, Borivali West, Maharashtra

Timings of Water Kingdom Mumbai: The Water Kingdom Mumbai timings are from 10 am to 6:30 pm on all days

Water Kingdom Mumbai ticket price: The Water Kingdom Mumbai price for adults is Rs. 1035 per person and for children and senior citizens it is Rs. 660 per person.

Also Water Kingdom Mumbai ticket price (fast track) for adults is Rs. 1270 per person and for children it is Rs. 990 per person.

There are combined ticket prices for Water Kingdom + Essel World as well. Combined ticket for adults is Rs. 1405 per person and for children it is Rs. 945 per person.

Annual Entry Pass is Rs. 1640 per person. This pass will allow you to enter either Water Kingdom or Essel World three times in total a year.

How to reach Water Kingdom Mumbai

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach Water Kingdom is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. From the airport Water Kingdom is 41 km away and you can reach there in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can take a cab or hire a car to reach the water park from the airport.

By train

The railway service in Mumbai is very efficient and it is convenient to travel by train in Mumbai. If you are travelling by train then the nearest major railway station to reach the water park is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus where majority trains stop. From the railway station the Water Kingdom is 62 km and it would take 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach the park from there. Another major railway station is the Mumbai Central railway station which is 58 km away. It would take around 2 hours and 5 minutes to reach the water park from the railway station.

However if you are travelling within the city by local trains then the Borivali West is the nearest railway station to reach the water park, from the railway station the Water Kingdom is located 25 km away. You can reach the waterpark from the railway station in about an hour. From there you can either take an auto or take a cab or hire a car to reach the park.

By road

If you are travelling from nearby cities and towns like Pune, Aurangabad or Nagpur then you can easily take buses to reach this waterpark. The nearest major bus stop is the Mumbai Central Bus Depot located at a distance of 60 km away from the park. However you can also take your own vehicle to reach there as well. Or else you can hire a cab or a car to reach this waterpark from various parts of the city or beyond. In case you are travelling from nearby locations you can opt for auto rickshaws as well.

By ferry

This waterpark in Mumbai is located in the outskirts of the city and one of the convenient ways to reach there is by ferry. The park is located on the Gorai Island and ferry services are available from Gorai Creek or Marve Jetty. From Gorai around 9 ferries are available at a 20 minutes interval. And from Marve, ferries are available to reach Water Kingdom every 30 minutes.

Best time to visit Water Kingdom Mumbai

The ideal time to visit a water park is always the summer months. People usually prefer visiting a park like this in the scorching summers to get some respite from the heat. And that theory applies to the Water Kingdom as well. Here also the summer time is the peak season for visitors. But also keep in mind that the place gets overcrowded during summer. So in case you want to avoid the rush you need to visit here from the month of September. Comparatively the crowd is lesser during that time.

You can however also visit here during the cooler months to enjoy the time as the weather remains pleasant. To beat the humidity you must visit here in between November to February. Also if you are visiting here during the end of December you can be a part of the Christmas and New Year Celebrations here which is a colourful event here.

Overview of Water Kingdom Mumbai

The Water Kingdom in Mumbai is one of the popular places to visit and it is a water park spreading across 22 acres. This is a water themed amusement park located near Essel World. Together both the parks attract a huge number of visitors here who come here for the ultimate fun and relaxation. This waterpark offers over 30 water activities for people of all ages. These include slides, fish spa and more. There is also a wave pool here which is the largest wave pool in the whole world and is a major attraction here. Also there is the largest aqua pool of India as well. If you are visiting here you will be able to enjoy an array of fun activities.

Moreover not just rides there are restaurants and snacks parlour inside the premises as well which you can enjoy here. This is an ideal place to visit with your whole family. You can easily visit here and spend a fun day with all the rides and water activities here.

Things to do at Water Kingdom Mumbai


The lagoon in this park is an aqua pool which is the largest aqua pool in the country. There are rides for all age groups here like Hydroburst, Typhoon Tube and Aquaconda for adults. And for children and family groups there are 7 slides and water games like Umbrella, Waterfall, Elephant Bucket and more.

Missphisly Hill

You can enjoy 12 rides at the Missphisly Hill which is a popular section for both adults and kids. One of the most popular rides is the Water Kingdom Mumbai Black Demon. Other popular rides are Rushing Gushing, Juicy Jammer, Humunga Kowabunga, Lemon Drops etc.

Adventures Amazonia

This is another point of attraction with 3 rides for adults. These are Elephant Safari, Rock n Roll Safari and Serpent Safari. Also here you will find a 7 storey high vertical slide What-a-Coaster which is a major attraction here.


This is basically a rain dance floor that the visitors love here. In the Brat zone you can groove in with some music while the sprinklers will spray the water on you. There are other rides in this zone as well like Mama Miya, Coco Beach and Drifting River.


This is the wave pool which is the largest wave pool in the world. From gentle waves to fierce ones this wave pool offers a lot of excitement. Also there are fountains, beaches, and caves at this wave pool that you can enjoy along with playing various water games.

Goofer’s Lagoon

This area is ideal for families and is even safe for toddlers as well. With rotating wheels, tilting buckets and water guns you can enjoy all the fun playing with water here.

Dry Rides

The Essel World located just next to the Water Kingdom has 50 slides and fun games that you can enjoy. If you are not much interested in water games you need to visit Essel World. Also they have various adventure rides, a bowling alley, an ice skating rink and a discotheque as well.

Food at Water Kingdom

When it comes to food this park has a good option for the visitors. There are multiple food outlets here like Tai Pan, Ohh Mumbai, and Kebab Corner. Along with that there are outlets that have pizzas, ice creams and beverages as well that you can enjoy here.

Hotels near Water Kingdom Mumbai

In case you wish to stay near the Water Kingdom you will find some good hotels and resorts nearby. Some of the popular ones that you can check out are

1.       Palm Springs Beach Resort
2.       Farm Regency Resort
3.       Rehcruz D Retreat
4.       Dragonfly Hotel
5.       Fonseca’s Beach Resort
6.       Borivali Villa
7.       Sun Beach Resort
8.       Palm Beach Resort
9.       Manori Beach Corner
10.   Havelocking Island

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Water Kingdom and I am sure now you know why you need to visit here soon. This location would take around 3-4 hours for you to explore. But I would still suggest you enjoy the area for a whole day. That way you would be able to enjoy the rides as well as the multiple activities here. Also, this can be ideally a great location that you can visit with your family or your group of friends. Moreover, for a whole day of fun in Mumbai you must include this waterpark in your list of must visit places. So let me know when you are planning a visit to the Water Kingdom. Also do not forget to let me know if this article on the Water Kingdom is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location. 

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