The Great Escape Water Park Virar, How to Reach, Entry Fee

A visit to a water park can be the ultimate respite from the scorching heat, what say? And who doesn’t like spending time amidst water with the whole family? And to enjoy water activities it is not always possible to visit a sea beach or a beach location. However in those times what comes to rescue are the water parks. And if you are in Mumbai searching for any such location then I have a great option for you. You definitely need to check out the Great Escape Water Park to enjoy all the fun. This is one of the most entertaining and fun water parks that you can visit in the city. This is a full fun location where you can visit with your whole family. Moreover people from every age group would love a visit to this water park.

With fun rides, swimming pool, wave pool and fun activities this is a one stop location for fun times. You can visit here with your family including children and elderly and they will have a lot of fun here. From beating the heat to enjoying the water the location offers varied experiences for the visitors. Furthermore it can be a great location for a whole day of fun. So you can definitely visit here to enjoy a day out and spend the whole day at this location. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything about the Great Escape Water Park Virar. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this water park in Virar Mumbai soon.

The Great Escape Water Park

Location: Great Escape Water Park Road, Virar East, Off Vajreshwari Road, Majivali, Maharashtra

Location of Google Map :

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm

Entry fee

Ticket price of the Great Escape Water Park varies each day as they have different prices on different days.

They have Toofani Tuesdays and the Great Escape Water Park tickets price is Rs. 850 for adults, children as well as senior citizens. Also there are Tadka Thursdays and the Great Escape Water Park ticket price is Rs. 800 for adults, children as well as senior citizens.

On weekends the Great Escape Water Park tickets are for Rs. 1149 for adults and Rs. 850 for children and senior citizens. On the remaining days the ticket price is Rs. 999 for adults and Rs. 850 for children and senior citizens.

The price here varies according to the height. For kids the height should be between 3’3 and 4’6. If your kid is above the height of 4’6 then you will have to pay the price of an adult. And for kids below the height of 3’3 entry to the park is free. Senior citizens will have to be above the age of 60 years to qualify under the Senior Citizen category. The price of the tickets includes entry fee + food. You will get to enjoy a buffet breakfast, lunch and evening snacks here as well.

The_Great_Escape_Park Rides
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How to Reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach the water park is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. From the airport the water park is located at a distance of 55 km. You can easily reach there in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. It would be most convenient to take a taxi or a cab from the airport to reach the water park.

By train

While travelling in a train the nearest major railway station to reach the water park is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Terminus. From the railway station the water park is 83.9 km away and you can reach there in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. The Mumbai Central Railway Station is another major railway station which you can opt for to reach the Great Escape Water Park. From the station the water park is located 72.4 km away. From there you can reach the water park in about 2 hours. And from both the railway stations you can take a cab or taxi to reach the water park conveniently.

In terms of local railway stations you can opt for the Virar Railway Station as well. The Virar railway station is 17.6 km away from the water park and you can reach there in about 40 minutes. Another nearby local railway station is the Vasai Railway Station. Few trains also stop here and you can reach the water park from the railway station in about 50 minutes. The Vasai Station is 23 km away from the Great Escape Water Park. From the railway stations you will get buses as well as autos to reach the water park. Or else you can also take a cab or a taxi as well to reach there conveniently.

By road

The water park is located 60 km away from the main city of Mumbai so you can travel to Mumbai from any part of the country. The city is well connected through roadways so you can get regular buses from major cities and towns nearby. Moreover you can opt for night buses as well to reach there from any location. The nearest bus stop where the majority of buses stop is the Mumbai Central Bus Depot. The Bus Stop is 73 km away and you can reach there in about 2 hours and 10 minutes from the bus stop.

You can also take your own vehicle to travel to the Great Escape Water Park as well. Or else you can hire a car, or take a taxi or a cab to reach there conveniently.

Overview of the Great Escape Water Park

Located on the Bombay Ahmedabad Highway about 60 km away from the main city of Mumbai, the Great Escape Water Park is a popular spot for day outs and picnics. If you are in search of a location to enjoy a great time with your whole family then you certainly need to check out this water park. Here the park offers a lot of activities for the entertainment of the visitors. Also the activities here are family friendly that people from all age groups can enjoy. You will be able to enjoy the fun slides, swimming pools, wave pools and so much more here. The slides here are undoubtedly one of the major attractions of this park. However among the slides the 40 feet high slide attracts more fun for sure.

There are separate pools here for the adults as well as kids. So you can visit here with your little ones as well for them to have a gala time here. The park also offers activities like Rain Dance and has a separate play zone for the toddlers as well. Away from the hustling city this water park is one of the entertaining parks that you can visit in Mumbai. There are food courts and food stalls here as well that you can enjoy too. So definitely do plan a visit to this park in Mumbai as soon as you can.

Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Things to do at the Great Escape Water Park

Enjoy the Great Escape Water Park rides

The rides at the water park are undoubtedly one of the most interesting things to enjoy here. And especially the slides here are a major attraction for both kids as well as adults. In total there are 16 water slides here for the visitors to enjoy. Other than the most attractive 40 feet slide, there are a number of smaller slides here too which are equally enjoyable.

Relax in the pool

For the ones who prefer relaxing more than the rides, relaxing in the pool can be a great option. You can easily jump in the pool and swim or relax there and have a great time. There is a wave pool at the water park as well, so you need to check that out too.

Enjoy leisurely time

This is a great location away from the city to enjoy some quaint relaxing time. You can choose to spend a quiet day here enjoying the ambiance here. Furthermore you can carry a book along to read or listen to some music as you enjoy the greenery around. You can also sit by the pool dipping your feet into the water as you watch over your family having fun. Overall this location can be a great option to rejuvenate and relax yourself too.

Rain Dance

Let’s confess we all secretly love dancing in the rain. But more often we just don’t get a proper chance to do so. And here at the Great Escape Water Park you can actually enjoy a dance in the rain as the DJ plays peppy tracks. With the foot tapping music blasting in full volume you will feel compelled to dance. So shake your body to the tunes of the music and enjoy a happy dance here.

Try the food

The entry fee of this park also gives access to unlimited food to the visitors as well. And in no way you can miss out the delicious vegetarian food here. The park has a food court that remains open throughout the day. They also have buffet meals here that you can enjoy. Moreover they also have snacks counters and offer a nice variety of food. The main attractions here are the counters of ice lollies and cotton candies. And not just the kids, even the adults enjoy having them.

Things to remember before visiting the Great Escape Water Park

1.       Nylon or Lycra Swimwear is a must for taking part in the water activities.
2.       If you are not carrying your own swimwear then you can buy them from the park as they are available for sale.
3.       Food and drinks from outside are not allowed inside the water park. So make sure you are not carrying any food along with you while visiting here.
4.       To get the discounted rates the Senior Citizens must carry their age proof.
5.       Senior Citizens with major health issues must avoid the slides.
6.       If you suffer from any water borne allergies then stay away from the water.
7.       You must carry a sunglass and a hat to save yourself from the sun.
8.       Smoking and consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited inside the premises of the Great Escape Water Park.
9.       Do wear sunscreen as you will remain exposed to the sun here for longer hours.
10.   The ticket price to enter the park includes the cost of meals.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Great Escape Water Park Virar and now you just need to plan a trip there as soon as you can. Let me know if this article on the Great Escape Water Park is helpful for you in knowing everything about this park.

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