Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai Photos, History, Information

Mumbai as a city and a tourist location has a huge list of places that you can explore here. From locations which are historically relevant to spots that reflect the culture of the state there is so much that you can explore in and around the city of Mumbai. The Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai is one such construction that has been there since decades and attaches with itself some relevance. This construction from the British Rule was commissioned by a wealthy businessman in Mumbai in order to help his mother know about the exact time. And today this is one of the popular sightseeing spots in the city as well. You can check out the Rajabai Clock Tower photos but you need to check out this construction in front of you to understand how beautiful the work is.

In this article I will mention all Rajabai Clock Tower information that you might need to plan a visit to this location. So keep on reading this article and plan a trip to the Rajabai Clock Tower.

Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

Location of Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai: Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Marg, Mantralaya, Fort, Maharashtra

Timings of Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai: 9 am to 10 pm on all days from Monday to Sunday

Entry fee of Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai: There is no entry fee

How to reach Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach the clock tower would be the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. From there the clock tower is located at a distance of around 22 km. You can easily reach the clock tower from the airport in about an hour if you are taking a car or a cab. Or you can also use public buses plying on this route as well.

By train

The nearest railway station to reach the clock tower is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station which is the major railway station. From majority cities and towns you will get trains to this station in Mumbai. From the station the Rajabai Clock Tower is 1.7 km away only. You can easily reach the station in about 7 minutes if you are taking a car or a cab. However you can choose to walk up to the clock tower as well and in that case it would take 20 minutes to reach the tower.

The Churchgate railway station is 2.1 km away from the clock tower and you can reach there in about 8 minutes. Another major railway station to reach the tower is the Mumbai Central Railway Station. From the station the tower is 6.3 km and you can reach there in about 23 minutes. You can easily get taxis, or you can hire a cab or a car to reach the clock tower from the railway station. From cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc you will get trains easily to reach Mumbai.

By road

Mumbai is one of the cities which are really well connected to other major cities and towns by road. So you can travel from the majority of the cities and towns to reach Mumbai to visit the clock tower. You can easily hire a car or take a car to reach the clock tower in Mumbai. Or else you can also opt to drive your own vehicle as well to reach Mumbai Clock tower from various cities and towns. If you are travelling within the cities you can take a cab or take the local buses to reach the location.

You can even opt for both public and private buses as well if you are travelling from cities like Pune, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Goa, Panaji etc. Regular as well as luxury buses and overnight buses are available from these cities regularly which you can opt for. The nearest bus stop where most of the buses halt at is the Mumbai Central Bus Depot. From the Mumbai Central Bus Depot the Clock Tower is 5.8 km away. And you can reach there in about 25 minutes.

Best time to visit Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

The ideal time to plan a trip to Mumbai would always be the colder months. If you are visiting from November to February it would be the best time to visit here according to the weather. Also the weather will be helpful for you to explore the location fully comfortably. So if you are planning a trip here then consider visiting around these months. And if you are wondering about the best time of the day to visit the clock tower then it would be the evening hours. During the evening time the clock tower looks more beautiful. Moreover the surrounding area also bustles with a lot of activities around evening. You will find street food stalls lined up on the street to enjoy some local delicacies as well. And for photographs also this would be a good time for a visit. So, do plan your visit accordingly.

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Overview of Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai

Overview of Rajabai Clock Tower Mumbai
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

This clock tower in Mumbai is an 85 metre tall tower located at the Fort Campus of the University of Mumbai. The construction of this clock tower goes back to the 1860s and a wealthy businessman and stockbroker commissioned the construction of this clock tower. The clock tower has some visual similarities with the famous clock tower of London that is the Big Ben. This is one of the popular tourist spots in Mumbai at present because of the beautiful architecture of this clock tower. Even though it is not possible to reach the top of the clock tower anymore, still this location holds a distinct charm. You can visit here to click some pictures here. Or you can click some selfies with the beautiful clock tower in the background.

The Rajabai Clock Tower is located at a very accessible location. And you can even roam around the streets and explore the whole area. There is the university campus that you can explore. Along with that there are locations like the Flora Fountain, Jehangir Art Gallery and Book Street which are located at a walking distance from this location. You will also find multiple street food options to munch on. Especially after evening, the clock tower looks even more beautiful and the location is also quite vibrant here. So make sure you are visiting this location in Mumbai.

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Rajabai Clock Tower History

Rajabai Clock Tower History
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Why was Rajabai Clock Tower built?

Premchand Roychand was a wealthy businessman in Mumbai. He was famous as the Cotton King and Bullion King of Mumbai in the 19th century. And he commissioned the entire construction of this clock tower in Mumbai. Behind the construction of this tower he had some ideas. Roychand wanted to ensure that his mother who was blind would have a fair idea of the timings of the day. With that she will also be able to have her food on time. So Roychand got this clock tower built in his mother’s name. The architect of this clock tower was Sir George Gilbert Scott who was a British architect.

The construction of the clock tower began in 1869. And by 1878 it was completed. There was a bell to this clock tower that would ring every 15 minutes to give a sense of time. However, soon after, the architecture of the clock tower started losing its shine. There was a lack of maintenance that led to this condition. During the period from 2013-2015 there was a planned restoration of this structure. Very quickly it also became a popular tourist spot in Mumbai as well.

In 2018 the Rajabai Clock Tower Restoration received the UNESCO Asia Pacific Award for Cultural Heritage Conservation. However previously there was access to reach the top of the tower which is closed at present. Due to multiple attempts of suicide at this spot the spot has been closed. But till date it is a popular location to visit in Mumbai. And it is standing tall magnificently inside the University of Mumbai campus.

Rajabai Clock Tower Architecture Details

The main attraction of this clock tower is undoubtedly the beautiful architecture of this structure. A very heavy influence of Gothic style of architecture mixed with Venetian architectural style is evident from this construction. The tower is 85 metre high and has walls which are about 3.5 metre wide. There is a huge clock in the tower that you can witness from a distance. For many decades this was the tallest structure in Mumbai as well. But after many other constructions this is no longer the tallest but one of the tallest structures in the city.

You will find arches here which reflect the Islamic style of architecture along with Victorian style. There are some similarities in the structure of this clock tower with the Big Ben in London as well. And there are some sculptures on the clock which were made by students of Sir JJ School of Art. There is one fun fact about the construction of this architecture as well. The architect of this structure Sir George Gilbert Scott has never ever visited India. As per his designs his advisors checked the progress of the construction.

The clock of the clock tower in Mumbai is totally iconic. Popular watch company Lund & Blockley has designed this clock. The tower is made of Kurla stones which were sourced locally. There are some coloured stained windows of this clock tower as well which the clock tower is popular for. The latticework on the surface and the spiral staircase are other significant constructions of this structure.

Wrapping Up!

That was all about the Rajabai Clock Tower and whenever you are in Mumbai you must plan a trip to this location. The architecture of this clock tower is truly magnificent and you cannot miss out on visiting this location. So let me know when you are planning a trip to this location in Mumbai. Also let me know if this article on Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location.

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