Raj Bhavan Mumbai Address, Images, Entry Fee, How to Visit

There is something utterly interesting about colonial buildings and structures. Something alluring is there in these vintage buildings that hold so much of historical elements in it. No matter where these buildings are they would take you back to the era of its formation. The Raj Bhavan Mumbai is one such spot that would evoke a sense of the days gone long back. You would get to know a lot about Maharashtra in general with a visit to this place. So keep on reading this article because I will mention everything that you need to know about the Raj Bhavan Mumbai.

Raj Bhavan Mumbai


Raj Bhavan, Walkeshwar Road, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra


6: 15 am to 8 am. Mondays are closed.

Entry fee:

Rs. 25 per person

Booking Ticket Online:- rbvisit.rajbhavan-maharashtra.gov.in

How to Reach Raj Bhavan Mumbai

By road

If you are travelling within the city then you will get many autos or public buses to reach here. You can even opt for cabs or rented cars. If you are travelling from nearby cities then you can drive your way through or hire a cab or car as well to reach here.

By train

Mumbai is very well connected through railways. The two major railway stations in Mumbai are Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Mumbai Central. You will get a train from any nearby cities up to these railway stations and from there you can avail any local form of transport to reach Raj Bhavan. However if you are travelling within the city or nearby places then the Charni Road Railway Station and Grant Road Railway Stations are the nearest to reach this location.

By flight

In case of International travel or travelling from other cities you can opt for flights as well. Nearest airport to this location is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. This airport is connected to most of the cities and countries as well.

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Best time to visit Raj Bhavan Mumbai

You can visit Raj Bhavan throughout the year. But it would be better to avoid the times of heavy monsoon as that would come in the way of your visit. You can visit here from October to June. The weather will also be favourable around this time for a peaceful trip around the complex.

About Raj Bhavan Mumbai

Spread across an area of 50 acres, Raj Bhavan is the official address of the residing of the Governors in Maharashtra. The building of Raj Bhavan is as picturesque as it can be with sprawling lawns and a sea view. This heritage bunglow is surrounded by the Sea on all three sides and it is a treat to watch sunrise from this spot. Raj Bhavan is open to the visitors only on the basis of instructions from the Governor. The complex, building, and banquet hall is open for the visitors to take a stroll around.  After a visit there you can get a lot of insight about the history of Maharashtra, the partition of Gujarat and Maharashtra and the pre-independence era. So a visit to this place will be enriching and an educative one for the visitors.

History of Raj Bhavan Mumbai

Previously Raj Bhavan was the Summer Residence of the British Governor Generals. In the pre-independence era the Raj Bhavan was situated in Bombay Castle. Later in time it was shifted to Apollo Street first and then to Parel. However the present address of Raj Bhavan is in Malabar Hill. In 1885 it was shifted here and from then it became the official residence of the British Governor Generals. After the independence it has become the official residence of the Governors of Maharashtra.

Architecture of Raj Bhavan Mumbai

The Raj Bhavan complex is huge and looks straight out of a picture. It has a total of 5 buildings in the complex. Jal Laxan, Jal Vihar, Jal Bhushan, Jal Chintan and Jal Sabhagriha are the 5 buildings. The main structure of the buildings is from the pre-independence period and therefore has a distinct colonial touch in its style of architecture. However with further renovations later in the times it also has a specific modern Indian touch to it.

The Jal Laxan building is luxurious in its appearance. It is made following the Maratha style of architecture. Here the Governor receives the heads of the Government. Then comes the Jal Vihar building. This building has a ballroom and a banquet hall. Next is the Jal Bhushan building. This building is the main residential building of the Governor. It also has separate rooms for the visitors where the visitors can wait before meeting the Governor. This building also houses a dining room and a conference room. Then the Jal Chintan building which is a building built on a cliff. This building serves as a viewpoint overlooking the bay and the horizon. Last building is the Jal Sabhagriha which has halls for official ceremonies like Oath ceremonies and other official events.

Things to do at Raj Bhavan Mumbai


There is a special area in Raj Bhavan from where you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise. In the bustling city of Mumbai it is like a dream spot to watch a serene sunrise. With the Mumbai Skyline in background it is a splendid sight to observe and enjoy. If you can reach there at the correct time then this one is a must see. You would definitely enjoy this experience. Furthermore, you can follow up with a yoga session here too if you are interested.


The area of the Raj Bhavan complex is huge but not all areas are open for visitors. Raj Bhavan Mumbai entry for public is restricted in some areas. But still there are beautiful places that you can visit inside the complex. Accompanied by a government official you can visit the few designated areas inside the campus. The places that are accessible for public viewing include the office and the banquet area. Majestic architecture of the banquet area and the alluring décor would make you stare with awe.

Exploring the lawns

The beauty of this place lies a lot in its forested area. The whole area is covered in lush greenery with various species of flowers and plants. You can even spot peacocks here along with other exotic birds.

Bunker Museum

This is one of the major attractions inside the Raj Bhavan complex. This one is a British era underground bunker. In present times this has been turned into a museum. Only a few years ago this place was discovered by the government officials and has been renovated into a museum. The area spreads across 15, 000 sq feet.

Temple visit

There is a temple inside the Raj Bhavan complex known as Devi Mandir. This temple worships the Mother Goddess by different names like Sakalai Devi and Sagar Mata. The ambience is very pure and serene here. You can enjoy some moments of tranquility here amidst the chaos in life. This place is surely a must visit spot in Raj Bhavan. The temple community also hosts a fair during the months of July or August that many people visit.

Things to remember during a visit to Raj Bhavan Mumbai

Mobiles are allowed inside the premises but DSLR cameras and other professional cameras are prohibited inside the complex.

A valid ID proof is required to enter the premises.

Here you would get an insight about Maharashtra during the British Era and the formation of the state of Maharashtra. It would be an enriching tour for the visitors for sure.

Now if there is a question regarding how to visit Raj Bhavan, then you must remember that entry to the Raj Bhavan premise is done only at the discretion of the Governor. In no other way is it possible for you to enter the premises.

Only 10-20 visitors are allowed each day that too after a prior appointment and booking.

The tour timings are strict and begin at 6:15 am and end at 8 am.

Electric cars are available for a tour inside the complex that you can opt for. However you can also choose to visit the place walking on your foot as well. It is totally your own preference.

The tour inside is a guided tour. Mostly a Public Relations Officer or any other staff of the Governor’s Office acts as guide and would take you around the complex.

Ticket Booking Process

The exciting part is visitors are offered tea or coffee at the end of the tour. And if you are lucky enough you might get to enjoy that hot cuppa with the Governor himself. That would surely be an enriching and lifetime experience. What do you say?

Raj Bhavan Mumbai is an elegant monument in Mumbai which is also a popular spot for tourists. The elegant building speaks a lot about the days that are gone now and also stands tall in its charm. On a fun vacation to Mumbai definitely include this place in your itinerary. I am sure you will be enriched with a beautiful experience after a visit to Raj Bhavan. Do let me know when you wish to travel to Mumbai or if you already stay there. Also do let me know if you have visited the place already or wish to visit soon. I would love to hear from you. 

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