Juhu Beach in Mumbai, nearest railway station, distance, timings

Mumbai is a lively city and there are few locations in Mumbai that just explains the level of that liveliness. The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the locations in Mumbai that is always bustling and the visitors especially love visiting there. However not just the tourists this is one such spot that the locals equally love too. You simply cannot take away the name of Juhu Beach while you are talking about Mumbai. The Juhu Beach Mumbai is that one location that will make you feel refreshed even if you visit there after a tired day of work.

So whenever you are visiting Mumbai or you are already there, a visit to this beach is a must. Keep on reading this article as I will mention everything about the beach here. From Juhu Beach nearest railway station, to location, to major attractions you will find it all here. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to Juhu Beach Mumbai.

Juhu Beach in Mumbai

Juhu Beach location: Juhu, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Juhu Beach timings: The beach is open for a visit all through the day from 12 am to 12 am

Juhu Beach view

How to reach Juhu Beach in Mumbai

By air

The nearest airport to reach the Juhu Beach in Mumbai is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. From the airport the Juhu Beach distance is only 5.5 km away and you can easily reach there in about 25 minutes.

By train

Nearest station to Juhu Beach is the Santacruz Railway Station in Mumbai if you are travelling within the city. Santacruz station to Juhu Beach distance is 5 km and it would take around 19 minutes to reach Juhu Beach from there. The Vile Parle station is also near the beach and Vile Parle to Juhu Beach distance is 5.1 km. You can easily reach the beach in about 25 minutes from the station. Other railway stations nearby are Dadar and Andheri. Andheri to Juhu Beach distance is 7.9 km and it would take around 35 minutes for you to reach there. Dadar to Juhu Beach distance is 12.9 km away. From Dadar you can reach the Juhu Beach in about 50 minutes

However the major nearest railway station to Juhu Beach that is connected to most of the major cities is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus that is 26.7 km away from the Juhu Beach. It would take around an hour and 10 minutes to reach the beach from there. Another Juhu Beach near railway station is Mumbai Central that is 23 km away from the beach. It would take around an hour to reach Juhu Beach from the railway station. From the railway stations you will have to take a cab or you can hire a car to reach the beach.

By road

Mumbai is well connected to major cities through roadways so you can travel by road from most of the area. Buses are also available from major cities and towns so you can avail that too. The Mumbai Central Bus Depot is only 18 km away from the Juhu Beach in Mumbai. Also you can commute within the city by buses too. Also you can either take a cab or hire a car to reach the Beach. And you can even take your own vehicle to reach Juhu Beach. There is paid parking available near the beach but mostly that is too crowded. So parking near the Juhu Beach can practically be a hassle that you need to keep in mind.

Juhu Beach and City

Overview of Juhu Beach in Mumbai

One of the most famous beaches in the whole country, the Juhu Beach Mumbai is one of the must visit places in Mumbai. Facing the Arabian Sea it is the longest beach in Mumbai and is particularly popular for its beautiful view and the lively ambiance. This beach is one of the liveliest beaches that people love visiting. You will find people enjoying morning walks here, or enjoying some coconut water, or gorging on some street food also. Here people from different strata visit and enjoy their time. Moreover on some days you will see sand artists here carving out splendid arts. Also on other days you will see tarot card readers or snake charmers here. From a group of music enthusiasts singing with their guitars or food vendors selling food items the beach will give you an all encompassing experience.

The beach is also one of the posh areas in the city and a lot of actors and artists stay in the vicinity. Also this is a favourite spot for many filmmakers and directors who love the view here. So whenever you are in Mumbai, no matter what, you cannot miss out on visiting this beautiful location for sure.

Things to do in Juhu Beach in Mumbai

Walking, Jogging, Running

Obviously nothing can beat the fun of running or walking by the beach and you can enjoy that at the Juhu Beach. When it comes to some healthy habits like walking or jogging, the locals prefer this beach. Moreover if you visit here early in the morning or during the evening you will see so many morning joggers and evening walkers here. So if you are interested you must try to enjoy some bits of it too. Also if you prefer cycling you can opt for that as well.

Watching the sunrise and sunset

And how can we not talk about the sunrises and sunsets by the beach? The Juhu Beach is also not an exception when it comes to these activities. This beach faces the Arabian Sea and stretches far away. Obviously the views of sunrises and sunsets are pristine here. So you must not miss out on this if you are visiting this beach.

Ride a horse

This beach can be the ideal location for you to have some fun riding a horse. There are horse riding vendors available on the beach itself. So you can surely opt for riding a horse here too. You can just hire a horse and take a ride or just walk around also.

Street food

One of the main attractions of Chowpatty Juhu Beach is the street food here. Even though the area is dotted with many 5 star restaurants, cafes and multi cuisine restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, the street foods take away all the attention. Moreover the spicy and tasty street food are available in a wide variety here and are also pocket friendly. You will be able to try some famous street food of Mumbai here like Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Shev Puri, Bombay Sandwich etc. However you will also find stalls here selling South Indian food like Idlis and Dosas. If you prefer Chinese you can also try street style chowmin, fried rice or chicken dishes here too. They have a huge option and you will surely be spoilt for choices.

Beach View

Nightlife in Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach at night is like a different world in itself. Even though the beach keeps on bustling all through the day, the experience at night will be different for sure. With the dark sky above and the sound of the waves gushing, you can sit and enjoy the vibe there. The place has many visitors at night too who especially visit here at night to enjoy the cool breeze here. Also the area does have a number of pubs, bars and nightclubs too. So if you are interested you can visit there to enjoy the Mumbai nightlife also.

Restaurants near Juhu Beach

Other than the street foods, if you are looking for Juhu Beach restaurants for a sumptuous meal or a quick bite, you will get some really good options. The location does have some really nice restaurants and cafes that you can check out here. Some of them are

Stomach House
Tanatan Juhu- Kitchen and Bar
Bayroute Juhu
Sea Side Patio
Shiv Sagar Restaurant
Gadda Da Vida, Novotel Lobby Level
Olio- Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach
The Terrace
Thyme & Whisk
Kitchen Garden Juhu
Bora Bora
The Square- Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach
Sesame- Hyatt Centric Juhu Mumbai
Lotus Café- J W Marriott

Wrapping Up!

So you now know why exactly you need to visit the Juhu Beach in Mumbai. And also explore the cafes and restaurants here and enjoy the whole vibe of the area. However, after you are done with the beach make sure you are visiting some nearby locations like Marine Drive. Juhu Beach to Marine Drive distance is 27.8 km. So you can surely visit there too. Let me know if this article on the beach is helpful in planning a trip there. Also let me know if you have ever visited Mumbai or not? And if you are from Mumbai then let me know if you have visited the Juhu Beach and what you love the most there.

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