Colaba Market Mumbai Timings, Opening Time, How to Go

Who doesn’t like shopping? I guess this is one such activity that gives a different kind of happiness. And if there can be a group of shoppers I guess one group is the one who prefers buying premium items from branded shops or stores or even malls. There might be others who prefer online shopping more. But there is a specific group of people who love street shopping. And if you ask any Mumbaikar about the best place to go for street shopping in Mumbai, they will surely mention the name of Colaba Market Mumbai. Colaba Market or Colaba Causeway in Mumbai is one such street shopping zone that has it all. You name it and you will find it here and that too in very affordable pricing.

If you are someone who stays in Mumbai or if you are visiting there Colaba Market in Mumbai should be a must visit for sure. This is one vibrant street shopping area in Mumbai that is colourful, lively and exciting to visit as well. Mumbai Colaba Market is a shopper’s paradise and you will totally get into the vibe of the place once you visit here. Not to forget the many restaurants and cafes you will get to visit there too which are major attractions there as well. So keep on reading this article as I will mention each and everything that you need to know about Colaba Market Mumbai. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a visit there.

Colaba Market Mumbai

Where is Colaba Market?

Colaba, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway,Mumbai, Maharashtra

Colaba Market Timings

The Colaba Market opening time is 10 am in the morning and the shops remain open till 9:30 pm or 10 pm in the night.

Is Colaba Market open on Sunday?

Yes, the Colaba Market in Mumbai is open on Sunday. In fact it is open on all days.

Colaba Market closed on which day?

There are no closed days for the Colaba Market. The market is open on all days of the week even on special days and holidays the market is open. So you can visit there any day.

How to reach Colaba Market

The Colaba Market is a popular destination in Mumbai and it is located at an accessible location as well. So no matter what, wherever you are travelling from you will be able to reach here easily. The most convenient way to travel in Mumbai is definitely the local trains. But there is no direct railway station in Colaba itself. The Colaba Market nearest station is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which is about 2. 8 km away. You can either take a cab or walk in foot through the Dadabhai Naoroji Road to reach the market. Even this street is dotted with multiple shops which you can explore on the way.

You can also get buses to reach the market. Buses like 123, 3, A- 124, 11 LTD, 83, A- 107 etc will take you to the market. Churchgate to Colaba Market distance is 2. 9 km so you can reach the market from there as well in about 12 minutes. And Colaba Market to Marine Drive is about 6 km away.

shops in the cobala market

Best time to visit Colaba Market Mumbai

The market is open from 10 am in the morning when the shops start opening here. You can reach here just then early in the morning to avoid the crowd. Till 1 pm the market is comparatively less crowded. Again from 3 pm to 5 pm the market remains less crowded. To grab the best deals in bargaining, try to visit early in the morning when the shops are just opening, or else visit during the time when they are about to close. Also if you are visiting at peak hours it would get tough to look through all the things well because of the crowd here. So plan your visit accordingly.

Overview of Colaba Market Mumbai

A shopper’s paradise, the Colaba Market is one of the most interesting and colourful spots that you can visit in Mumbai. It is an iconic location in Mumbai that is located in the heart of the city as well as in the heart of the people living in Mumbai. Even after the terror attacks in Mumbai the market could sprang up to its glory and today it is one of the most popular street shopping destinations in Mumbai. One of the major attractions here are the Colaba Market clothes. And apart from the gorgeous clothes the accessories and jewelleries are something that the shoppers visit here for. You will also find great home décor items here like antique items and things like lampshades and curios.

But don’t think this is all about that. You will also get designers items here on the street itself available at a very affordable price. Other than street shops the market also has a lot of boutiques and designer shops that sell designer outfits. Also you will find high end shops here selling some choiceable exquisite items as well.

The market is a great location to shop and in between you can also grab a quick bite at the various restaurants and cafes that you can find here.  Some of these eateries are very popular and hence attract a huge crowd on a daily basis.

What’s more?

The location of the Colaba Causeway is extremely alluring. It is the land link between the Old Woman’s Island and Colaba. This commercial street in Mumbai is always bustling with a crowd of shoppers and fun seekers. Originally the street was popular as Shahid Bhagat Singh Road and the road still stands as the example of old colonial days. From the British era itself Colaba has been an important location in Mumbai. And even today the area gives a very old world vibe that is charming enough for exploration.

The Colaba area also houses the iconic Regal Cinema that is one of the oldest and iconic movie theaters that comes with its burst of nostalgia. And behind the Regal Cinema there is the great Gateway of India with the Arabian Sea in its backdrop. Gateway of India to Colaba Market is only 850 meters away and you can reach there in about 3 minutes.  The Taj Mahal Palace also lies there and that makes a lot of spots near the market that you can visit on your trip to this location. However if you are unable to reach the market physically you can try the Colaba Market online shopping. They also have an online site and you can just buy whatever you want from the vicinity of your home.

Colaba Market Mumbai Shopping

Obviously the most popular item you will find in the market are the Clothes Colaba Market Mumbai. There will be streets dotting with stalls one after the other and they are too many in number for you to explore in a single visit. From shirts to sarees to shawls, t-shirts with slogans, printed t-shirts, trousers, tops, bags, earrings, junk jewellery, bangles, sunglasses, accessories, footwear, handicraft goods, kitchen items this market has all of it. You will also find some shops and well known boutiques, galleries and store outlets here to shop from. Some of the well known ones are Nappa Dori, Miniso, The Grand Store, Avante Cottage Craft. Amongst the high street fashion and designer stores some of the well known ones are Curio Cottage, Parvati Villa and Le Mill.

bracelets in cobala market
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Curio Cottage

This is a store located behind the Regal Cinema that sells costume jewellery pieces. Here ready made jewellery are beautiful however custom made ones are also available here. You can get jewelry made here according to your own preference and choice for all kinds of occasions. It is a popular spot here.

Parvati Villa

This one is a shop selling gorgeous designer clothing and jewellery. It can be a hot spot for the women looking for some ethnic traditional wear and they are quite unique too. As per the name they have fusion jewelleries here related to Goddess Parvati. Check out their collection with Trishula and Devi and Shakti themed pieces here.

Le Mill

This is again a designer store spread across an area of 4000 square feet and they have all branded goods. From Saint Laurent to Chloe to Balmain and Valentino they have it all. You can surely check this shop out as well.

What to eat at Colaba Market Mumbai

You will find an array of cafes and restaurants for a hearty meal or to grab a quick bite at the Colaba Market. Some of the popular options that you can check out are Café Mondegar, Theobroma, Bademiya, Bagdadi, Delhi Durbar, Leopold Café and Bar, McDonald’s, Café Coffee Day. These are some of the popular ones in the market that most of the tourists frequent.  

Nearby places to visit from Colaba Market Mumbai

  • Marine Drive
  • Gateway of India
  • CSMT Heritage Museum
  • Taraporewala Aquarium
  • Malabar Hills
  • Jehangir Art Gallery
  • Asiatic Society of Mumbai Town Hall
  • Bombay High Court Museum
  • National Gallery of Modern Art

Things to remember before visiting the Colaba Market Mumbai

1.       There are a lot of shops lined up one after the other. So make sure you are first checking out a few of them before settling with what you will buy.

2.       You must have a killer bargaining skill so unabashedly quote your prices here. Usually the shopkeepers quote way too much than what the exact price should be. Quote half the price of what they have quoted and then come to a common number.

3.       You need to carry enough cash as a lot of small shops here only accept that and do not deal in cards or cashless transactions.

4.       For the best items you must visit deeper inside the market as most of the time they have a better collection.

5.       Keep a check on your own belongings as the place is too crowded. Carry big bags or shoppers to put in smaller packets. That way you will be able to move freely.

6.       A lot of shops here sell duplicate items. So do check for that and then buy.

7.       For street shopping check the quality of the items before completing the payment. Most of the shops do not have a return or exchange policy. So you must be careful about quality checks.

8.       Do carry your own water bottles as you will be walking a lot so it’s important to stay hydrated.

Wrapping Up!

This street for shopping is a must visit from anyone in Mumbai, either living in or visiting the city. You surely cannot miss out on visiting the Colaba Market in Mumbai. So let me know when you are visiting this market. Also let me know if this particular article is helpful for you in planning a trip to the Mumbai Colaba Market

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